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Tips on Finding Work in this Economy

Expert Tips from MilwaukeeJobs.com

Nov. 14, 2008
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By Jason Alba, Courtesty of MilwaukeeJobs.com

Don’t Let HR and Recruiters Smell Blood!

When I started my job search I knew one of the first people I needed to call was my good friend Ces. Ces worked in HR while I was a programmer, and I worked on a few of his projects. We spent hours together designing, testing, and developing specs for HR web applications. Ces is a senior level HR professional and if anyone could point me in the right direction, it would be him.

Shortly after I got laid off I called to ask for advice. I’m didn’t even know what I was asking - maybe I was looking for sympathy, or to see if he knew anyone in my area that might be able to help me out. I wasn’t interested in moving to where his company might have a job, so I know wasn’t asking him for a job. I assumed that he would have some great advice for me, and tell me what I needed to know to land my next job.

Towards the end of the call he said something that really struck me, and made me think about how I communicate with people. He said: "Jason, you have to remember one thing. HR can smell blood from a mile away.

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By Katie Lindbloom, Courtesy of MilwaukeeJobs.com

How to Explain an Employment Gap

Arguably the most important aspect of a resume is the work history. Unfortunately, if you’ve spent any time not working, either taking care of a sick family member, staying at home with your kids, or going on a sabbatical, you could have a huge, eye grabbing hole in your resume.

Employers do not like to see any gaps in your work history, so you must explain any time that you were not employed. You can do this by addressing the issue in your cover letter, but more importantly you have to explain your period of unemployment in your resume. The best way to tackle this is by focusing on how your skills gained during your time off are applicable to the position you are applying for. Here is an example below for a stay-at-home parent applying for an Administrative position:

Home & Family Management (2005-2008)
Managed, budgeted and paid all incoming bills while creating an online alphabetical filing system in Microsoft Excel. Excellent time management; keep accurate and up-to-date calendar in Microsoft Word.

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