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Twang Dragons

Twangasm (George Street Records)

Nov. 17, 2008
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With their new release, Milwaukee's Twang Dragons have stepped away from their rockabilly roots. Emphasizing a little more rock and a little less 'billy, the Dragons haven't completely lost their country appeal; they've simply evolved into less twang and more strum. Rhythm section members Mark Nauman (bass) and Scott Defebaugh (drums) still drive a mean line against guitarist Tommy Dixon's riffs, while Lisa Hannon's hard-road vocals pummel and caress the auditory nerve. Fortunately, the band maintains its wit, a talent well served during Dixon's "Ain't No Honky Tonk," which musically quotes everyone from Joan Jett and Cream to a half-dozen artists in between. And that's just the start of the fun.


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