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Don Rimini's Fantastic, Plastic Party

Plus: Robbie Rivera returns

Dec. 3, 2008
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Parisian DJ/producer Don Rimini is serious when he calls his latest release "a goddamn wedding." Between the filth and froth of his track list, the Kick'n Run EP (Mental Groove/Delicious Gutter) features everything from the chaotic fuzz of "Rave On" to the naughty O-la-la of "Oh Ow." Rimini even followed up the EP with a steroid-induced remix of Young M.C.'s "Bust a Move." During his live sets, Rimini may pull out the predictable card of fidget twitch 'n' glitch, but he still mixes it up with enough ease to create electro pop swells of saw tooth synths and party goodness.

With dozens of Crookers clones flooding dance music culture, the irreverent Rimini plays the F-you card perfectly, flaunting a kind of synthetic arrogance that never allows him to take his tracks too seriously-it is a party, right? Rimini delivers it with swarthy style, channeling the showmanship of rave culture and re-branding it for 2008. Raves, after all, were the launch pad for his career; later Rimini would migrate to Paris' ghetto clubs, where he went on to master spinning hip-hop and "absorbing the funk." Since then, influences of Run-DMC, DMX, Timbaland, Daft Punk and Robert Armani all surface in his tracks. Big build-ups paired with MC samples and trashy party inspiration hit the mark.

The tech-fidget sound may have plenty of imitators, but sometimes it feels so good to be so deliciously trite.
Don Rimini stops in Milwaukee as part of his U.S. tour Thursday, Dec. 4, at Moct (240 E. Pittsburgh Ave.). Music 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Cover charge: $5, which includes a complimentary cocktail.

Six years in the making: The popular nightlife forum Milwaukeenights.com is launching its sixth year of hustling the scene with newly revamped site and performance by a Chicago classic.
Robbie Rivera commemorates the occasion with his own electro-house spin, working over audiences with deep cuts and new productions from the fidget front lines. Milwakueenights.com owner and party promoter Josh Acosta is hoping to ride the wave of excitement from last year's five-year anniversary party, which drew more than 1,000 throughout the night.
"All I can say is that last year's show was unbelievable," said Acosta, who this year is bringing the party the moody, electric digs of Razor Room. Go-Go dancers purr around the floor in a lounge-meets-club venue that recently hosted the likes of Richard Vission.
Bottles flow while the party roars; it's here where Rivera's brand of big room hits meets the perfect toast.
Friday, Dec. 12 at Razor Room (631 N. Milwaukee St.). Music 10 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. Cover charge: $10. RSVP by clicking on the flier at milwaukeenights.com for no-wait entry.


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