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Harlem Globetrotters

Today @ the Bradley Center - 1 & 6 p.m.

Dec. 31, 2008
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It's anybody's guess as to why for the past several decades the Harlem Globetrotters have chosen to spend New Year's Eve in Milwaukee—as opposed to, say, Harlem—but their annual appearances are one of Milwaukee's oldest New Year's traditions. In between these Milwaukee games, the Globetrotters have solved mysteries with Scooby-Doo, visited Gilligan's Island and hung out with Pope John Paul II, all while maintaining their status as the winningest team in the history of sports. Of course, they owe much of their record to easily distracted referees and a liberal use of plays that the NBA would find questionable. The Globetrotters perform today at 1 and 6 p.m.


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