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Boris and Doris On the Town

Dec. 31, 2008
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We wish you all a grand new year

with copious quarts of liquid cheer.

2008 was not that bad

till the market crashed and made us sad.

But Obama won and now the fun

of change that already has begun.  

Milwaukee turned 162

and we’re glad City Hall’s re-do is through.

Three years and 70 million later

the bell tower’s sounding even greater.

Will Allen won a MacArthur award

which made us proud, and pleased his board

as well as all who love to eat

a Growing Power organic treat.

Adam Siegel was honored, too

by James Beard, for his great ragout

and other fine gourmet delights

at Bartolotta’s several sites.

Once again the place to be

was Symphony Style, where we could see

Those fashionistas—chic galore

parading down the runway floor.

Then everyone partied all night long

at trendy Zenden till the dawn.

“Wisconsin Foodie” made its debut

on ABC with its talented crew.

Kyle at the helm, Jessica on wine

the show’s a hit, and doing fine!

Milwaukee Dance Theatre changed its name

to Theatre Gigante, its mission the same.

The plays reveal once and for all

that big things can happen in spaces small!

Alliance Francaise was busy, too

until the crowds bid “adieu.”

Their classes, tastings and openings beaucoup

caused us all to say “tres chou!”

At a cost of multi-mils

Potowatomi’s grand opening was full of thrills.

The Fonzie greeted the many guests

who dined on Wild Earth’s and Dream Dance’s largesse.

And speaking of the Fonz,

his handsome statue made of bronze  

reminds us all of happy days

when we could afford our Chevrolets.

MAM was hopping through the year

with Act/React and the world premiere

of FOTO—and its festivals too;

always something cool for you!

The Irish, as they always do,

had Irish Fest, Paddy’s, Trinity too—

plus the new Brocach, famed for its stew,

and ale that makes for a happier you!

The Third Ward grew and grew some more,

with condos, eateries, boutiques galore:

Hinterland, Thief Wine and Freckle Face, who

moved down the street across from Shoo.

Mike Eitel added just one more

to where you’ll find the perfect pour:

Fat Abbey was the place to be

if you had a bike and a Santa goatee!

5 Card Studs had gigs galore

their fan club always wanting more—

Women swooned at the wiggling Cesar

making him the Number One lady pleaser.

The HarleyMuseum, with splendid flair

opened with a grand affair—

From far and wide the cyclers came

to mark 105 years of Harley fame.

Iron Horse, a hip hotel

opened nearby, and it’s doing well—

The hipsters meet there, and luckily,

it’s near the Rehorst distillery.

To beat the winter cold and gloom,

check out the Domes for what’s in bloom!

The lighting’s now high-tech and gleaming

even the moon is up there, beaming.

Graeme Reid passed his citizenship exam

and didn’t even have to cram;

Because of that, he now can gloat

he’s legally allowed to vote.

Marilyn Taylor helped to tweak this mess

of a poem that’s lacking in finesse.

She’s the poet laureate of the whole state,

and her poems are always very great.

If you have any tips for Boris and Doris, contact them at borisanddorisott@aol.com. Their next column will appear in the Jan. 15 issue of the Shepherd.


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