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The Killers

Day & Age (Island)

Jan. 13, 2009
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In the world of music, artists are only as good as their latest works. And that's not good news for The Killers, considering their third studio album. Their debut, Hot Fuss (2004), brought them international success. But the band's latest release, Day & Age, delivers nothing but a "hot mess."

MTV recently quoted lead singer Brandon Flowers as saying, "I think it's our most playful record." But after trudging through 10 tracks with disco, calypso, techno and simply OK rock vibes-not to mention senseless lyrics such as "Are we human, or are we dancer?"-I wasn't feeling the fun. "This Is Your Life" could have been a solid track if it hadn't been for the weird, irritating, "Oompa Loompa" beats pouncing in the background. The last track on the album, "Goodnight, Travel Well," holds no substance, simply coming off as whiny and depressing.

The artwork inside the album, by Paul Normansell, has merit and is definitely worth a look. But if this record is Flowers' idea of "playful," the band members had better crawl into the sandbox and get their hands dirty again. A clenched fist wrapped around some solid lyrics with depth, hard and fast riffs, and a feel of genuine fun and excitement is what is missing in so many areas. Faith is extended, however, that The Killers will put more focus into their next studio session.


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