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The Shepherd Sex Survey returns

Jan. 14, 2009
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We all know sex sells, so it isn’t too surprising that the Shepherd Express’ Sex Survey is one of the paper’s most popular issues. This year the biennial survey returns with a slew of new questions about your sexual habits, preferences and values.

And while we all want to know about the more lurid details of your sex life—have you ever done it in public?— we’re also interested in the less sensational, more intimate nuances of your love life. How open are you with your partner about your sexual history? Does being in a relationship make sex better or less interesting?

This year the Shepherd sought the assistance of the staff at A Woman’s Touch, a couples-friendly sexuality resource center, to help capture an honest snapshot of Milwaukee sexuality.

“The survey serves a real social-psychology function,” says Ellen Barnard, a trained social worker who co-owns A Woman’s Touch with Myrtle Wilhite, M.D. “We see it all the time in our store: People tell us that they don’t feel normal, when in reality they’re totally normal, whether they’re having sex every day or once a year. By validating the huge range of sexual experiences that people have, this survey lets them know that they’re normal. It also gives them glimpses of the sexual options out there that they might be curious about.”

So let’s find out what’s normal in Milwaukee. Head to the Shepherd’s Web site, www.ExpressMilwaukee.com, to take the survey. You must be 18 or older to participate, and your identity will remain completely anonymous. We’ll print the results in the Feb. 12 issue.


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