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Magic on a Dime

Take the kids to Disney without breaking the bank

Jan. 27, 2009
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Looking for something to do while we're stuck inside during this record setting below zero streak? 

I can't think of too many things more pleasant than planning a getaway from all this cold and snow.  Planning a trip to Disney with your family this spring can be a great relief, and you'll need to do some planning and preparation to have the vacation be one you'll all enjoy.

The look on your children's faces when they see Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and their favorite of any of the Disney Princesses is worth any price.  But the real question is how are you going to afford a priceless memory like this at almost $1,000/day.

However, there are ways to see all the magic at a fraction of what you think it will cost you for a Disney vacation.

Despite conventional wisdom, flying sometimes is not worth the cost.  The cost is often more than monetary.  Frustration with flight delays, airport security, and tension mounting as the kids get more antsy can start any trip off on the wrong foot.

With flight delays and cancellations growing at nearly 70% over last year during the heavy November-December travel period, most airlines have cut so deep that's it's impacting the flying experience to the point where driving is both financially and mentally a more reasonable alternative.

So, start off your planning by considering driving down to the Magic Kingdom....you'll save a bundle over airfare and you'll have the convenience of having a car with you to see ..... ;ja;lsf;ljf 

What about the cost of hotels? 

If you plan the trip out in advance you can use frequent traveler points earned via hotel stays and any one of a number of different hotels' credit card programs.  If you want to save some money without sacrificing your vacation lifestyle it's time to think about cashing in on those miles and points you've earned.  Hilton Honors is one of the best frequent traveler programs out there with a combination of extra point stays and giving airline points in addition to hotel points.  Highly rated by ....al;jsfljs;fl  As we drove through Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia we found a Hampton Inn that exceeded our expectations.  The whole way we were able to book using Hilton points and save a bundle.  We stayed in some outstanding facilities including the Atlanta downtown Hilton Garden Inn.

What about staying at a Disney resort? 

The Disney resorts come in three categories:  value, moderate, and deluxe.  The prices are roughly what you would expect, but the difference between the levels is large in price, value, and acomodations.  If you want to avoid the crowds, and stay in an "adult" hotel that has lots of activities for the kids then look no further than the Hilton at Downtown Disney.  It is the only non-Disney hotel to offer the "extra magic hours" and offers guests a large pool and dining area with three pools and a semi-private hot tub area for adults.

A quick drive to the Disney parks, you can save cash and time by parking in the Disney lots and taking a break in the middle of the day for rest.  Take a nap, a dip in the pool, but use this advice...a;ljf;lskjf;lks  w



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