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Lucky Boys Confusion

Tonight @ The Rave - 8 p.m.

Jan. 30, 2009
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When Fall Out Boy hit the big time, members of Lucky Boys Confusion must have been confused why they hadn’t done the same. Both bands were, after all, big in the suburban Chicago pop-punk music scene early in this decade. Both had similar sounds, albeit Lucky Boys Confusion leaned more on ska influences. But Luck Boys’ early singles “Bossman” and “Fred Astaire” didn’t have the catchy hooks that Fall Out Boy’s did, so that band was left stranded in the suburbs while Fall Out Boy ascended to international super-stardom. Lucky Boys Confusion have been on a kinda-sorta hiatus since 2006 while band members tinkered with side projects, but the group has announced plans to release a new album this year.


The U.S. Supreme Court announced that it will hear the case to determine if Wisconsin Republicans’ redistricting maps are too partisan. Do you believe the U.S. Supreme Court will order Wisconsin to redraw our legislative maps so the majority of legislative districts are competitive and voters will actually have a real choice between a Democrat and Republican?

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