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Poi Dog Pondering

Tonight @ Shank Hall, 8 p.m.

Feb. 14, 2009
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At a time when most bands are recording digitally, Poi Dog Pondering is moving in the opposite direction. The gregarious ensemble began in the ’80s in Hawaii before moving to Chicago, where they grew an enormous local fan base. Through the years the eclectic band immersed itself in different genres, spanning world beat, folk, alternative rock and, increasingly, electronica, but eventually recreating these electronic sounds live became nearly impossible for the group, so on its latest release, 2008’s 7, Poi Dog took an old-school approach, recording every track on analog tape. Despite what their moniker promises, opening act the Scotland Yard Gospel Choir isn’t from Scotland; they don’t play gospel; and, for that matter, they’re not a choir. They’re a Chicago co-ed indie pop ensemble with a warm, dreamy sound and the requisite allegiance to Belle & Sebastian.


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