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World of Wheels

Today @ Wisconsin State Fair Park, 10 a.m.

Feb. 14, 2009
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Much as you can judge whether a monster truck rally is worth its salt or not depending on whether it features some form of Truckosaurus-like car-eating dinosaur, all car shows should be judged on whether or not they feature the Batmobile. World of Wheels, which runs this weekend at Wisconsin State Fair Park, does. Hell, it even goes one further and features Batman himself—Adam West, part of a generation of more “professional” Batmen. Other car-related ephemera include the “Knight Rider” car and Grandpa Munster’s pimped-out Drag-U-La. The oddest appearance, though, belongs to Jason Earles, who makes the rounds Saturday. Earles is the Dorian Gray-ish, 30-something actor who masquerades as Miley Cyrus’ goofball brother on “Hannah Montana.”


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