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Rush Sticks the Landing at CPAC

Radio talker's speech distills conservatism to its essence

Mar. 3, 2009
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In his "first ever address to the nation" delivered to the Conservative Political Action Committee last Saturday, conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh electrified attendees of the conference by distilling conservative ideals down to their essence- the freedom of every American to achieve greatness through individual effort, unencumbered by "onerous taxes, regulations, and too much government".


Not surprisingly, liberal pundits and commentators heard a speech that was, according to CNN commentator Bill Schneider, "Angry, mocking, bullying, harsh, and full of contempt."


What speech was Schneider listening to? Once again, the left is simply lying about the content of talk radio and the viewpoints of talk radio hosts. One has to believe that no one on the left actually LISTENS to talk radio- they simply crow loudly about it at every turn, without doing their audience the simple courtesy of actually knowing what was said before they comment on it.


Limbaugh's speech was uplifting, positive, and actually almost fawning toward President Obama himself. Limbaugh declared, "President Obama is one of the most gifted politicians, one of the most gifted men that I have ever witnessed. He has extraordinary talents…" However, Limbaugh did not back down on his assertion that he does not want the President's policies to succeed because he feels that these policies will not be good for the country. Those disagreeing with this logical presentation of the workings of the American political system would perhaps benefit from a simple parable:


Your neighbor thinks he can be financially successful raising bees in his backyard to harvest honey. This neighbor is currently pursuing the permits and licenses necessary to implement a full-scale beekeeping business on his property.

You, on the other side of the fence, have 3 kids that spend most of their time in your backyard. You grill often, you entertain on the patio, and you enjoy your morning coffee outside when you can.

Of course you want your neighbor to be successful in life, but is a beekeeping enterprise going to be good for the 5 neighbors with yards adjacent to his hive development? Probably not. Bee stings do not contribute positively to the mood of an outdoor birthday party.

So, even while you wish your neighbor success in life, you oppose his efforts to obtain the beekeeping licenses and permits- because you feel that if these efforts are successful, it will be to the detriment of most of the other residents of your neighborhood.


This is all Limbaugh is saying, and all he has ever said. If one feels that President Obama's policies will be detrimental to the country as a whole, and the American way of life as we have come to know and enjoy it, one would be foolish to wish for the success of these policies. This is not an angry, bullying, mocking, or harsh opinion. It is simply the logical way to think about any policy- whether it relates to international economics or your neighbor's bees.


The liberal reaction to Limbaugh's speech is predictable. In the "progressive" parlance, words have meanings you won't find in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. A few examples:

Bipartisanship: leaving your ideas at the door and agreeing with the Democratic party line.

Anger: any expression of opinion that is in opposition to the Democratic party line.

Fairness: ensuring that all Americans are equally mediocre in achievement and reward.

Prosperity: the continued complete and total power of the Democratic party.

The Fairness Doctrine: the silencing of all opposing viewpoints through government regulation.

The Employee Free Choice Act: the removal of the secret ballot, which is the highest form of free choice as developed by the human race.


Barack Obama reminded us during his campaign for President that "words matter". Limbaugh reminded conservatives on Saturday that their words still matter- as long as they continue to speak them out loud.


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