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Hamlet Deserved a Serious Review

A. Chavez - Milwaukee

Nov. 22, 2007
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Ms. Segal must have also turned this in for her Composition I college course assignment on extended metaphors. The fact that she spent the entire review riffing and jamming to an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction is ignorant and the stuff of tabloids—which surprises me, coming from the Shepherd. While she spent her time in the theater, apparently obsessed with this incident, she missed the hard work and talent of the three Hamlets, Gertrude’s ravings, Claudius’ rage, Ophelia’s heart-wrenching suicide scene, Polonius’ crazed mourning (yes, at the funeral when apparently the choreography showed no sign of tragedy), and the powerful introspection scene featuring Hamlet and all of the principal characters. But really, why even mention the dancers in a review of a ballet? Let’s keep talking about those pants! Honestly, I don’t care if she liked the show or not—that isn’t my issue. I’m saddened that in a town where the arts struggle to survive, our only arts critics refuse to lend a hand of support to the artists who populate their town. There are intelligent ways to critique a show and there are ways to highlight the dancers and still get a point across. I wish our esteemed critic (who is a dancer herself and should be ashamed) would take the time to see both casts, invest some time and interest in the dancers and leave the snide and juvenile remarks to The Enquirer.


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