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State Superintendent Endorsement

Tony Evers for State Superintendent

Apr. 1, 2009
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Education must be one of our top priorities. Without a strong public education system, our next generation will fail—not just personally; they’ll also fail our state. We can’t let that happen.

That’s why voters should choose Tony Evers, who is currently the deputy state superintendent. Evers isn’t running as a flashy insurgent, like his opponent, but he’s running as someone who knows the state Department of Public Instruction through and through. He’s a former teacher and public school administrator, so he understands the pressures on kids and teachers, the concerns of parents, and, too, the successes in our schools. He’s carefully considered how policies affect Milwaukee’s central city as well as northern Wisconsin’s rural school districts. And he’s worked to improve the system from within by implementing more oversight and reforms.

In contrast, we can’t afford to elect a state superintendent who lacks experience in education outside of virtual schools and home schooling, and, quite frankly, has no appreciation for the very institution she seeks to run. A vote for Rose Fernandez would be a vote for privatization and deregulation.

Evers doesn’t necessarily generate the sound bites that Fernandez can create, but his ideas will stand the test of time. Wisconsinites should vote for a candidate with solid credentials who values true public education. That candidate is Tony Evers.


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