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Endorsements: Circuit Court

Ellen Brostrom and J.D. Watts

Apr. 1, 2009
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Elect Ellen Brostrom to Circuit Court Branch 6

Voters have two qualified candidates to replace Kitty Brennan on Branch 6 of the Milwaukee County Circuit Court, attorney Ellen Brostrom and Glendale Municipal Court Judge Christopher Lipscomb. But we prefer Ellen Brostrom for position.

Brostrom has impressed us with her genuine desire to serve Milwaukee County’s neediest, and they’re the ones who will most likely end up in her courtroom. Brostrom has had a varied career the district attorney’s office, as a private-practice attorney and as a community volunteer and advocate. This sort of experience will help her to untangle the legal problems and personal issues that force people to appear in court in the first place. We think she has the right combination of intellect, energy and compassion for this position. Brostrom won’t coddle people who truly did the wrong thing, but she will make sure that the appropriate legal remedy is applied in all cases. She’s also promised to stay involved in the community, which is the sort of sense of civic responsibility that we like to see in our elected officials.

While Christopher Lipscomb is a qualified candidate, we think Ellen Brostrom would be a better choice for Milwaukee County voters.

Support J.D. Watts for Circuit Court Judge Branch 15

If your case went before a judge—whether you were the plaintiff or the defendant— who would you prefer to hear it, J.D. Watts or Daniel Gabler?

Our answer is J.D. Watts by a mile. Watts, currently an attorney in private practice and a part-time municipal court judge in Fox Point, has a better understanding of the myriad challenges facing those who would appear in his courtroom. Watts has worked in the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office and has business experience, and he’s shown special attention to the needs of families and children who require legal services. We’re confident that the individuals and attorneys who appear in Watts’ courtroom will get a fair hearing and receive an appropriate solution.

In contrast, Watts’ challenger, Gabler, has proven himself to be a below-the-belt campaigner who sticks to the tired “tough on crime” theme in an effort to play on voters’ fears. If he has shown an ounce of compassion or creativity in his career or while campaigning, we haven’t seen it.

J.D. Watts is a better choice for Milwaukee County’s voters and for our judicial system.


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