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The Squares

#1 Cassette

Jan. 23, 2008
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The Squares were the prototype of the better-known Wooldridge Brothers, one of the mainstays of Milwaukee’s East Side alternative scene in the late-1980s and early ’90s. This CD reissues their long-gone 1985 debut recording, originally issued on the inexpensive but now obsolete medium of cassette tape. It shows a band with great promise, propelled by Brian Wooldridge’s driving and melodic bass lines and a jangle-pop guitar sound. Their songs were their greatest strength, well crafted lyrically and musically and often with a definite sense of Milwaukee as their setting.

A CD listening party has been scheduled for 7 to 11 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 26, at the Ardor Pub. —David Luhrssen


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