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May. 17, 2009
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It's not just Hollywood producers combing the shelves of comic book stores these days. Although big-box McMedia outlets and the ease of Internet commerce have forced the shuttering of several locally owned bookstores, the comic shop has heretofore managed to thrive in Milwaukee.
It's all in the experience. Pointing and clicking at the icon for the latest Jonah Hex serial or any of the No Fear Shakespeare graphic novels bleeds all joy out of the comic-buying experience, which is a treat for the senses-the smell of fresh (and old) ink, the visual nuance of a perfectly colored cityscape at dusk, the delightful sound of slapping a stack of new releases on the checkout counter. The virtual market can't replace the delicious geek-speak with fellow enthusiasts at the corner comic shop.
Milwaukee's comic community is blessed with many establishments catering to this large niche audience. Among our favorites is Collector's Edge. With four shops spread throughout the metropolitan area, the latest issues are never more than a few miles away. Don't pass by the
nondescript storefront of the Turning Page. The interior of this small shop, stacked floor to ceiling with comic gold, feels less like a retail establishment and more like a secret backroom for serious collectors. In addition to classic and modern comics, Lost World of Wonders also boasts perhaps the city's best collection of Japanese anime and manga comics and DVDs.

Check out these Milwaukee Comic-Book Stores:

Collector's Edge

Turning Page

Lost World of Wonders

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