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The 2009 Cascio Groove Garage

Presented by the Shepherd Express and 91.7 WMSE

May. 14, 2009
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Proudly presented by:


Press Release from Cascio Interstate Music:

"New Berlin, WI (May 14, 2009) - In keeping with a 63-year history of promoting
Milwaukee-area musicians and their music, Cascio Interstate Music, Wisconsin's largest music
store and among the nation's largest Indie music companies, heads once again into Summerfest
with eleven straight days of LIVE, LOCAL and ORIGINAL Music. From Thursday, June 25th
through Sunday, July 5th, the Cascio Interstate Stage will exclusively feature over 85
Milwaukee/Wisconsin area bands during the Summerfest run."

Thursday 6/25

2:00pm TBA
3:00pm Reaching Scarlet
4:00pm The Up and Atoms
5:00pm Dub District
6:00pm BSG
7:00pm Toad King
8:00pm The Invaders

Friday 6/26

2:30pm Ian & the Dream
3:30pm Beach Patrol
4:30pm Certain Stars
5:30pm Blank Radio
6:30pm Atomic Blue
7:30pm sleepcomesdown
8:30pm The Trusty Knife
9:30pm The Celebrated Workingman

Saturday 6/27

2:30pm The Young and Madlys
3:30pm Scarlet Escape
4:30pm Canyons of Static
5:30pm Burbank Cartel
6:30pm Sleeping in the Aviary
7:30pm Revision Text
8:30pm Fable and the World Flat
9:30pm Death ships

Sunday 6/28

3:30pm Union Pulse
4:30pm Worrier
5:30pm Kid, You'll Move Mountains
6:30pm SleepTightCo.
7:30pm At Latl
8:30pm John the Savage

Monday 6/29

3:30pm Carrie Melton
4:30pm longacre
5:30pm The Vega Star
6:30pm TBA
7:30pm TBA
8:30pm Testa Rosa
9:30pm The Wildbirds

Tuesday 6/30

2:00pm Soup
3:00pm Burgundy Ties
4:00pm Katz Sass
5:00pm Robert Allen Jr. Trio
6:00pm The Danglers
7:00pm Jayme Dawicki
8:00pm Keith Pulvermacher
9:00pm MC2
9:45pm Fresh Cut Collective

Wednesday 7/01

2:30pm The Delta Routine
3:30pm Year of the Gun
4:30pm 1956
5:30pm The Barrettes
6:30pm National Beekeepers Society
7:30pm Disguised as Birds
8:30pm Blueheels
9:30pm hitide.lotide

Thursday 7/02

2:30pm The Ragadors
3:30pm The Brimleys
4:30pm Brothers Burn Mountain
5:30pm Dick the Brusier
6:30pm Sharking Hour
7:30pm Super Custom Deluxe
8:30pm Whiskey Bound

Friday 7/03

2:30pm Absolutely
3:30pm Curb
4:30pm Whole Hearted
5:30pm Terrior Bute
6:30pm Cougar Den
7:30pm Red Knife Lottery
8:30pm Protestant
9:30pm Father Phoenix

Saturday 7/04

2:30pm The Sleazy Beats
3:30pm The Berettas
4:30pm Box the Clown
5:30pm Sons of Toil
6:30pm Fahri
7:30pm Pezzettino
8:30pm Brief Candles
9:30pm Invade Rome

Sunday 7/05

1:30pm Swamp
2:30pm Dad the Plow
3:30pm Conniption
4:30pm Insinis
5:30pm Lyden Moon
6:30pm Way to Fall
7:30pm Decapitado!
8:30pm Crumpler
9:30pm The Color Truth

*All dates and times subject to change



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