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Murder Junkies w/ Brass Tacks

Tonight @ Vnuk’s Lounge, 8:30 p.m.

May. 27, 2009
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The Murder Junkies were the final band of the feces-eating, self-mutilating punk icon GG Allin, touring with him from his 1991 release from prison (where he’d been held on charges of torturing a woman) until the overdose that killed him in 1993. The Murder Junkies continue to exist as an Allin tribute act, with original drummer Donald “Dino Sex” Sachs (once infamous for his onstage nudity) and bassist Merle “Pinkie” Allin, who has dedicated his life to celebrating his older brother’s transgressive legacy. He sells GG Allin videos and memorabilia when he isn’t touring with The Murder Junkies.


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