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a ship in itself

May. 31, 2009
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open up the word
to mouth out what the long pause
of its love to see it is

rain within it as it walks
to the world on a blanket
off the shore, it pulls the light

make one, as you would a door
in its welcome for the daylight fuse
as they turn to the trouble of shadows

place it with the angry time
it stands its release
for the water

know it, as you decide in the night
of its escape, its delivery
for them as they are -- the seed

burns up the ghost
they see you with, with a fish
at the wake.

pick up the smallest mark
in the abominable
snow -- black & red

wake up with a ring
of alarms
in a place that is tender and still

cut the password you defer
in the unbroken

release then as the same door
will turn the dark
for the worst

know that you hear
the ground
with its kinship as an end

believe the polleras
as they revolve
and sing, a full balloon

you return
the promise
of violence -- to push

an unwanted
trap in
seeing what a standing

was to answer. it says with a face
of its one time, the corral
of its even song

to speak as then is in this
place. what waking
does to your answer

as a switch for truth and unity
in this change its travel
for the sand

making the plain fissure
is its real fool
& then it is done

gone and gone to trust. they were
to stand it, they were to
the light field

it does not
enter.  time was not of
knows it is not of

and then it is
to arrive
and bring to one

moon to
see they
are not us. together.  is it?

backup the saved
what you saw
in the cabin, each eagle

settles on the home
that moves
the enemy, oxygen

not counted
for the triune
as it sounds

to make the integer know
as one to arrive
in seeing

the unknowable exit
one as
a bridge in a tropical cadaver.

full as the snow is
in the carousel
drowned & vacated

reconciles the rocket
dozer, weak eclipse
down by the face

without center.  they give
a flag on the effort of a kingfisher
to beat through the porous stone

as one arrives to the sun
is it not the tree
ended, for THEN as

a conscious and flooded
relational, of the army in its net
to the many with night

still for it, as you become
the direction for beginning
it sees

then as it is all pervasive
no one
a tunnel

fleet as it stands one to its test
to see and reveal
as one to make, as a hand

the double ashen face
blue in its river path
alert for the beating

you were not
arriving to Panam
interior, delivery

the glass not necessary
must take its sight from the season
“a wave is the ocean”

for the hand
buried, for its solitude
of no word -- “the intermediate link exists”

Roberto Harrison is the author of Counter Daemons, published by Litmus Press. He edits Crayon with Andrew Levy, and the Bronze Skull Press chapbook series.   “a ship in itself” was first published in Bombay Gin.


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