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‘No More Classical Radio’ Article on Target

Don L. Leistikow New Berlin

Jan. 30, 2008
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'No More Classical Radio' Article on Target
The article “No More Classical Radio” (Dec. 27) by Obie Yadgar touched a nerve. Yadgar’s thoughts and conclusions are right on target. I have been a loyal listener since WFMR was broadcast from Wauwatosa and did not carry very far. Giant strides have been made, including pumping up the wattage output. Programs like Andre Rieu and Jack Black orchestras were and are welcome listening material on PBS television: Is it possible to acquire rights to broadcast these concerts on radio? A metro area such as Milwaukee should not be denied a full range of musical broadcasting, particularly when aired on public broadcasting.

This reminds me of the loss of Metropolitan Opera, which, as I recall, was carried for years by WMAQ Chicago on Saturday afternoons. There are plenty of sponsors with large advertising accounts to carry classical radio, be it on commercial radio or the PBS network.

Personally, WFMR was always set up on the radio in my automobile; a push of the button and I had wonderful and pleasing music instantly. Soothing to my ears and a calming influence on my driving, it assured that I would arrive at my destination calm, cool and collected.

These days, my automobile radio is silent. Another approach to bolster the radio audience would be working in some wonderful music, so well composed for many Hollywood film classics. I would think that would be a new approach to widen a WFMR audience. The introductory music of some of Hollywood’s major productions, those which gave us a few bars on all the music in the feature film, would also be of interest.

Frankly, I am thoroughly disgusted with surfing my AM/FM radio for some decent music and finding only loud and boisterous sounds all over the dial. Bring back WFMR with a new format and I am sure that it will attract more than 4,900 listeners. More sponsors (contributors), too!

Don L. Leistikow New Berlin


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