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Smoothie Bar & Cafe

Jul. 6, 2009
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The name doesn't say it all. Smoothielicious (9201 W. Center St.) does serve 10 varieties of fruit smoothies, plus an "energy smoothie" and a "dessert smoothie" ($3.25-$6.50). For a dollar more, you can add one of several "enhancers," including an antioxidant, a flu fighter, a fat burner and the all important brain booster.

But if you're in the mood for a plain old cup of coffee, you have that too, along with espresso and cappuccino, an ice-cream cone or a rice krispie treat, a bagel or a biscotti.

Years ago, the corner storefront at a point where Milwaukee and Wauwatosa converge housed Swan Pharmacy. More recently, a coffee shop with nondescript food occupied the space. Smoothielicious has preserved much of the interior design work by the previous owner, retaining, among other things, a fireplace fronted by deep leather chairs. Sunlight pours through the expansive plate glass windows. The walls have become even brighter, painted in Peter Max green, sunset orange and deep purple. It's a cheery environment for a breakfast burrito or a panini sandwich at lunch. None of the food items top the $6 mark.

Now that temperatures have finally risen to summer levels, take advantage of the outdoor seating. Smoothielicious is the only place of its kind, aside from Alterra on North Avenue, for miles around.


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