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Jonas Brothers

Tonight @ The Bradley Center, 7 p.m.

Jul. 9, 2009
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The Jonas Brothers are, depending on your disposition, a trio of evangelical Christian moppets who preach abstinence while marketing sex to children and shooting white foam over their audiences in a blatant manifestation of subliminal urges, or—for those less prone to sensational Freudian analysis, conspiracy theories and repurposed “South Park” arguments—just a better-than-average tween-pop band with Beatles-esque songs that even parents can enjoy. However you choose to view them, remember that pop culture has a way of baiting virginal teen pop stars, holding them to harsh standards and then celebrating their inevitable corruption—it happened with Britney Spears, it’s happening with the Jonas’ Disney Corp. cohort Miley Cyrus, and plenty are waiting for it to happen to the Jonas Brothers. That this harmless group has so far succeeded in keeping their personal lives as squeaky clean as their songs isn’t something that should be held against them.


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