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Nana's Tunafish Croquettes

Jul. 13, 2009
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This recipe is something that I have been eating since I was old enough to eat solid food.My grandmother has been making these croquettes for 50 years (maybe more), and they will always be a food that makes me think of home, family and security.I hope that you enjoy it, and remember that it can be adapted to your own liking.You can make it with chicken, ham, veggies or whatever you feel like.I prefer to make them the way my grandmother does.By the way, she just turned 92 in May!

You will need:

2 cans of premium white tuna in water, not oil (8 oz total)

3 cups of white rice, cooked

1 onion, finely diced

1 bunch of parsley, cleaned and finely chopped (you want enough to season, not too much)

1 box of Townhouse crackers, crushed

Salt and pepper to taste

4 eggs, beaten

You will need 3 bowls, one to mix the rice, tuna, onion, parsley and salt and pepper, one for the beaten eggs, and one for the crushed Townhouse crackers.Heat enough oil in a large saut pan to a inch depth.Form the rice and tuna mixture into large egg-shaped patties, then coat with the egg wash, then coat in the crackers.Fry them until golden brown, treating them gently so they don't fall apart.Set them on paper towels, allowing the oil to drain into the paper, salt them and serve them.Be sure not to mix the rice too much, because you will release too much gluten and the rice will become to densely packed.You only want to mix it enough to be able to form the patties.I hope that you enjoy this recipe, it has brought me much pleasure over the years.


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