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Lana Lane

Red Planet Boulevard (Think Tank Media/ProgRock Records)

Feb. 6, 2008
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After releasing nearly a dozen solo albums (and making numerous guest appearances on other artists’ records), it’s fair to say that California-based singer Lana Lane has established her own distinct voice. Unfortunately, more listeners overseas have probably heard that voice than here in the United States.

That could change, however, with Red Planet Boulevard—a mystical and sexy modern symphonic-rock album that is among Lane’s most readily available releases state side. Backed by a power trio that includes her husband, keyboardist/bassist Erik Norlander (leader of the overlooked prog band Rocket Scientists), Lane broods majes tically to music that is alternately bombastic and moody, dense and spacious, raw and refined. Lane’s voice has lost a little of its Ann Wilson-like edge, but she diversifies unexpectedly on the power ballad “Jessica,” the dreamy “Lazy Summer Day” and the organic rocker “Stepford, USA.”

No wonder Lane is a bona-fide rock star in Japan.


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