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Putting on the Glitz

Aug. 6, 2009
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On my recent trip to Miami, the resurgence of glitz, glimmer and metallics could be seen as I strolled up and down Ocean Boulevard and Collins Avenue, where the top designer boutiques can be found in South Beach. These trends were already seen there a few years ago but really hit the Midwest only in the last year and a half.It was interesting to see the strong presence it still holds in Miami, one of America's high fashion destinations. So if you have been hesitant to delve into adding these pieces to your wardrobe, consider that they are not going away anytime soon.

Glitz today means kind of an '80s flashback but with a much less tacky look. Glitz can consist of metallic fabrics, silver and gold shoes and bags, metal embellished accessories, rhinestone and bead embellished clothing and gold lame. Even swimsuits can go glitz.Glitz can also be seen in footwear that feature rhinestones, fringe and zippers. Glitzy jewelry is found in large pieces of metal only or chain and stones, and can be worn in layers.

Labels like Sky Clothing, with weaved leather or shiny metallic hardware on dresses worn by celebrities such as Brittney Spears, Lindsey Lohan and Nicole Richie, have been photographed and featured in fashion magazines and blogs. A Sky blouse that retails for$425 and a Sky dress up to $2,000 may seem outrageous to most Milwaukeeans, but in South Beach, with major international vacationers looking for top designer fashions, it's the norm.

Why do I mention this? Because right here in Milwaukee you can find the look without paying these prices. The Blue Elegance line of flashy metal hardware, embellished on belts and bags, retails from $65-$120. Soft metallic fabrics that bring an elegant finish to clothing is offered in boutique prices ranging from $160-$400.

Don't forget to look for fine vintage pieces.Remember the current trends are a reflection of the past.Take a contemporary dress and combine it with a vintage necklace so you don't look like you are going to an '80s party, but have added just enough of the style to suit your look.

Glitz isn't just for special occasions.Many women are wearing soft metallics and shiny accessories to the office paired with a suit.And don't forget the everyday denim and simple top can look fabulous with a little glitz. So Milwaukee get ready for the fringe boots and bags, chunky layers of jewelry and metallic fabrics to be seen for quite some time. Buy it, wear it, own it!


Heidi Calaway is owner and head stylist for Boutique Vieux et Nouveau. www.boutiquemilwaukee.com


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