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Adding Accessories Adds a Little Funk

Aug. 21, 2009
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Do you see a lot of clothing in your wardrobe that are solids or separates but don't know how to create a cool outfit from them? With a little attitude change you can, for the most part, wear the same outfit to work or play. Switch a necklace or a belt and it looks like a new outfit. This may seem so simple, but perhaps our Midwestern upbringing sometimes gets in the way. You would be amazed at how many people don't feel comfortable stepping out of their box. Here are some very simple steps to get in the right direction to add a little more funk in your style.

Lets start with classic denim. Denim and a simple white shirt or blouse is the best canvas to make an outfit funky or creative for a night out with friends or a special someone. If you are shy, step out of your comfort zone.At least try a big necklace or belt. See photo #1.

Do the same thing for the office. Mix the conservative skirt with a sweater and funky jewelry. The look is more artistic and you will not come off as unprofessional in almost any industry or position. Don't be scared.Keep the skirt at or below the knees, wear a nice heel and don't show cleavage.Use your accessories to distinguish you from the typical business "uniform." You would be surprised at how much people can relate to you better by being more creative and real, yet still professional and serious. People like to do business with people that seem relatable and not too stuffy. See photo #2.

You know that rule… before you leave the house take an accessory or two off. Well, I hate that rule!In fact I hate a lot of fashion rules because quite honestly they don't make much sense. Please do not feel like you have to always follow rules. Especially, now in today's fashion, the "accessories" are right on the clothing in rhinestones, beading etc. Look it, by wearing it and add a few accessories to be bolder. Is less really always more? See photo #3.

Even if you work in a professional field, you are not always at work. It may seem like it, but you do grocery shop, catch a movie or coffee or dinner. Take these times to have fun with your wardrobe and not be so serious. Take a jacket you wear to the office and add layered jewelry either around your neck or up your arms. You will be amazed at the versatility at your fingertips once you start adding more accessories to your wardrobe. See photo #4


Heidi Calaway is owner and head stylist for Boutique Vieux et Nouveau. www.boutiquemilwaukee.com


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