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The Title

Aug. 23, 2009
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The poem begins all wrong in medias res
so it looks like a fragment, a throwaway,
something that goes nowhere—you’d be
embarrassed to have it read.  The poem
has no subject or imagery system.  You
couldn’t call it coherent.  But still

    The Title

was and is here, down in the middle of the
poem, halfway down the page instead of at
the expected centered top margin so that
when the end of the poem finally comes there’s
enough at the top and bottom of the page
to constitute something to do, it is something to do.

Caroline Knox's sixth book, Quaker Guns (Wave Books 2008--www.wavepoetry.com), received a Recommended Reading Award 2009 from the Massachusetts Center for the Book.  She and her husband Mason Knox lived in Wisconsin in the sixties and (mostly) seventies where they went to grad school and held jobs. "The Title" from Quaker Guns. Copyright 2008 by Caroline Knox. Reprinted with permission of Wave Books. 


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