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Tonight @ Discovery World, 6 p.m.

Sep. 11, 2009
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Given their respective reputations for being difficult, it’s not too surprising that Chevy Chase and Bill Murray don’t much care for each other. The two legendary comedians have only appeared in one movie together, sharing only one scene, but that film, Caddyshack, is routinely ranked as one of the funniest movies of all time by the powers that rank such things. Harold Ramis’ 1980 comedy about class warfare at a golf club inspired a slew of imitators and established Rodney Dangerfield, of all people, as a major film star. Discovery World screens the film for free at dusk tonight following a 6 p.m. fish fry. We’re guessing the same treatment will never be given to Caddyshack II, the reviled 1988 sequel in which the franchise’s gopher is given—shudder—a speaking voice.


Since January, there has been a rise in anti-Semitic incidents, with dozens of bomb threats against Jewish centers. Has Donald Trump directly or indirectly enabled these incidents?

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