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A Memorial In Conversation

Sep. 13, 2009
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    After William Burroughs

quick        before our bodies turn
with a reverence for tree    so that tree doesn’t see
I want         while spring snows around
maybe you would like some     on our windows in here
because I want         woman and all sorts of
urge to render         that tree    apples fall    
more fragile than this        why always
the soul    the soul once again filling
picks up all         with smoke        because an
album because there’s          between the pages     
what kind of         heavy frame         says that g o d
weight of a dying mother    somewhere there’s     a coyote
this story is going to take long    because     I’m sure there’s a photo
in some drawer    all that         I want to devote    
everything    of this afternoon    tells the elk    
falling night            worship    tells the bear        where I’m standing
says the bear        you with a taste in my mouth
tells the cedar tree        that’s yolk        the cedar tree        
with bob marley    coyote        on the refrigerator
coyote        with the smell of spring

Erika Mueller is a Milwaukee native and doctoral student at UW-Milwaukee. She is a fan of Woodland Pattern and the Great Lakes Water Institute. This poem is a cut-up made from source texts Green Grass, Running Water by Thomas King and “Something More Fragile Than This” by Olena Kalytiak Davis.


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