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2008 Festival of Films in French

Today @ the UWM Union Theatre - starting at 2:30 PM

Feb. 9, 2008
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The UWM Union Theatre kicks continues its 2008 Festival of Films in French with four screenings tonight. The day begins at 2:30 p.m. with the drama Private Fears in Public Places, which follows six lonely and luckless Paris residents as they look for romance. It’s followed with a 5 p.m. screening of Belle de Jour, Luis Bunuel’s sensational 1967 drama about a bored housewife (the iconic Catherine Deneuve) who, although disinterested in sex with her husband, takes on a day job as a prostitute. Thirty-eight years later, Michael Piccoli reprised his role in Belle de Jour for an homage/sequel of sorts, Belle Toujours, which screens at 7 p.m. Finally, Maurice Richard, at 9 p.m., tells the story of the infamous French Canadian hockey player who sparked racial riots in the 1950s while standing up against racism in his league.


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