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Jessica Purtell’s Divine Consign

Oct. 7, 2009
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Divine Consign is a semiannual consignment sale for women featuring name-brand apparel, from designer jeans and handbags to maternity wear and professional attire. In the past, the prospect of 50% to 60% off retail prices has attracted shoppers and consigners alike. Jessica Purtell and Jessi Wrench launched the popular venture in April and have already expanded from Elm Grove to Whitefish Bay to accommodate the growing demand.

How does Divine Consign work?

Say you had things you wanted to sell—you wanted to be a consigner—you would go on our Web site and register and receive a consigner number. All of the directions are on the Web site. You would print off the tags that are used and price your own items, tag them, hang them, get them ready and then, during the drop-off times, you would drop them off on-site.  

Are you exclusively looking for name brands?

We are, although I will say there is a wide range. You may find an Old Navy T-shirt that’s priced at $4 or $5, but then we have jackets that are valued at $1,500 that will sell for $1,000. It is a real wide range. We have a wide range of sizes and styles—there’s a little bit of something for everyone.

Any tips for first-time shoppers?

I would say come early if you want first pick. Allow yourself enough time. It’s laid out and it’s organized, but there’s so much. Bring a friend. It’s fun to shop with someone and we have fitting rooms so you can try things on.

Has interest in these sales increased because of the economy?

When we started, we were heavily in the midst of recession. I think it’s true—maybe people who haven’t done something like this before are now considering it. Another aspect we like to stress is the whole recycling aspect. That’s essentially what we do. You have great things, you don’t want to just dump them—why not let someone else enjoy them? It’s the whole reduce, reuse, recycle idea.

The next Divine Consign event runs Oct. 15-17 at the Jewish Community Center, 6255 N. Santa Monica Blvd., www.divineconsignsale.com/ 414-213–6557.



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