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The Winter Rose

Oct. 8, 2009
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2009-10-09Roses seem to be popping up everywhere. The winter rose stands out in full bloom this year, while rose buds do not seem to be as popular. In fashion, the bigger the rose, the more dramatic and the more in it is.


It’s nothing new. Back in the 1920s, flapper dress wearers also wore headbands with large rose or flower embellishments. Throughout fashion history flowers have been seen in prints on dresses, but this year especially they are seen on accessories.


In “Sex in the City,” Carrie wore big flower pins. This year it goes beyond that in accessories such as a rose belt buckle, rosette ties on scarves, rose prints on hosiery, large rose pins on coats and big rose embellishments on bags and shoes and rose buns in hairstyles.


2009-10-09  Perhaps it’s because the rose resembles tradition and fashion is playing it a little safer this season.But in the ‘60s, flower power with repeated bold colored flowers brought a sense of rebellion. Our current economic situation is showing safer fashion in trends, styles and colors. Even though big accessories have been in for the past few years, the big winter rose stands alone and not clustered in a too busy style.

 Revivals of many vintage styles can be found.My recent find of a rosette brooch and matching earrings would be an envy of your girlfriends this season. Have fun with the winter rose. Get a rose already on a garment like the coat shown here (by Covelo) and put it in your hair one day and on your sweater on the next.Or if it is easier, just get a piece that already has the winter rose on it like this bag by Big Buddha.

Heidi Calaway is owner and head stylist for Boutique Vieux et Nouveau. www.boutiquemilwaukee.com




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