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Jenna Lynne

Crash (Jenna Lynne Music)

Oct. 14, 2009
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Pop radio has been kind to teen girls for the past couple of years, and Milwaukee’s Jenna Lynne aspires to count herself among the charts’ young hit-makers. Crash reveals a fairly mature singing and songwriting talent, about as adept at relating deeper, more universal themes as the expected concern with boys of Lynne’s middle-school age range. Vocals bring to mind Taylor Swift, though a touch earthier in tone and wispier in delivery. Lynne accompanies her singing with some piano work (and a little guitar help on one cut by her dad/manager), making Crash sound more like a songwriting demo than an album to compete full-on with Vanessa Carlton or Miley Cyrus. Like Cyrus and Swift, however, Lynne may garner as much acceptance from country fans as from her pop-loving peers. But she’s going to need a larger-scale production to further evidence that potential.


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