In Prism (Merge)

Oct. 28, 2009
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The last decade has brought about a rush of rock nostalgia, from the latest Beatlemania resurgence and unprecedented success of tribute groups like U2 Zoo and The Musical Box to the multitude of reunions from the likes of The Police, Pixies, Pink Floyd, Phish, even Pavement (and those are just the ones that begin with “P”).

Polvo joined these ranks with a successful 2008 tour and now In Prism, the follow-up to Shapes, which was released all the way back in that magical post-grunge world of burgeoning indie-rock, 1997. If some of these reunion albums have left you cold (I’m looking at you, Stooges), rest assured Polvo isn’t just cashing in on your longing for those days of angular and noisy math-rock. Though not their best (that’d be 1996’s Exploded Drawing—pick it up), In Prism is every bit as strong as their last effort and, with tracks like “Beggar’s Bowl,” often beats out Shapes for sheer intensity. The relatively conventional “A Link in the Chain” closes the album with My Bloody Valentine squalls dropping into prog buildups, then Townshend-like guitar attacks and back—the sort of mix we should all be grateful to hear Polvo pull off again.


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