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2009 Halloween Costumed Concert Roundup

Oct. 28, 2009
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Fans of The Who will have their choice of two local Who cover bands this weekend, one decidedly professional, the other decidedly not. At Shank Hall Friday night, a Who cover band called Substitute will perform with a pair of other British Invasion tribute bands, Shattered (a Rolling Stones tribute band) and Kinda Kinks (a Kinks tribute band, obviously).

Then, at the Cactus Club on Saturday night, the local punk group Father Phoenix will celebrate Halloween with a performance from their own Who cover band, The Call Me Lightnings. They’re playing as part of an all-covers night that includes Red Knife Lottery, whose set promises songs by Andrew W.K., Foo Fighters and Operation Ivy, and headliners Summertime Dudes, a hair-metal cover band featuring members of The Mistreaters, Skull Time and Mother Orchis.

Every Halloween some Milwaukee groups dress up as cheeky cover bands, but the tradition seems to have spread this year.

Club Garibaldi, for instance, will host two nights of themed cover bands this weekend: Devo, The Replacements and Green Day will be honored on Friday, and the Alice Cooper Band, The Dictators, Weezer and Link Wray will get the same treatment on Saturday.The exact makeup of these cover bands is a mystery even to the show’s promoter, but expect to see familiar faces from The Goodnight Loving and the Dusty Medical Records camp. The Dictators will be played by the touring Texas band Bad Sports.

Not all shows Halloween night are so explicitly themed, but expect most to feature covers and costumes. Smart money is on The Invaders covering at least a few classic ska and reggae tunes when they top an Oct. 31 bill at the Miramar Theatre with The Socialites and the Elusive Parallelograms. Elsewhere that night Frank’s Power Plant is throwing a rockabilly party—which should surprise nobody who’s ever been to Frank’s Power Plant—that features Sidecar Steph & the 7-10 Split and The Tinhorns. Riverwest rockabilly fans who don’t want to make the drive to Bay View can check out The Uptown Savages and the Bama Lamas at Mad Planet instead. Riverwesters are also well served by a Halloween show at Linneman’s Riverwest Inn featuring two of the city’s spunkiest live acts, the Jonathan Burks Band and The Trusty Knife, as well as the burgeoning prog-funk project The Chain.

The Turner Hall Ballroom and 88Nine Radio Milwaukee can likely lay claim to Saturday night’s biggest Halloween party with their Made in Milwaukee Halloween Bash, which supplements performances from The Championship, Serena Ryder, Kid Millions and Will Phalen and the Stereo Addicts with visual art and a fashion show. Toronto’s indie-folk ensemble Great Lake Swimmers headlines.


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