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Uncle Larry and Big Fun 4Ever @ Café LuLu

Oct. 31, 2009

Nov. 2, 2009
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On Halloween, the stage of Café LuLu was decorated like the parlor of a haunted house and vampire classic Nosferatu was projected onto the wall in the background. A Grim Reaper was working on setting up the soundboard.

Big Fun 4Ever took the stage first, pumping their dance-machine electronica. Frontwoman India Lathon sang in a strong but calm voice, bathed in red light. She was wearing sunglasses with a giant black bar on the front of them, censoring her identity, and a black and white striped shirt. That and the swirling sound gave the singer the look of ’60s hypnotherapy. The rest of the band worked carefully on a variety of keyboards, a laptop, tambourines and guitar.

The crowd quickly caught the beat and soon a sexy witch and a sexy janitor were getting down, along with Cruella de Vil and one of her Dalmatians.

The trio of Uncle Larry, dressed as pirate deckhands, followed. The band played a manic, thrashing set. They have a ’90s grunge sound, like The Melvins or Nirvana, mixed with some more eccentric sounds like They Might Be Giants or Talking Heads.

Pikachu, Jason Voorhees and a sexy hobo were all into it.

Toward the end of their set they were joined by the “Live Undead Mermaids,” a quartet of black spandex and skull bra-clad ladies who first attacked the band, ripping their shirts, and then gyrated along, dancing with hula hoops glowing with LED lights.

The set ended with an amped-up version of Talking Heads’ “Psycho Killer.” Guitarist and vocalist Billy Judge Baldus jumped off the stage to shred part of the song, as the mermaids enclosed him in a cage of glowing hula hoops. After a couple of jumps off the amplifiers by Baldus, the set was over.

The mermaids led the costumed crowd in a dance party, sharing their hoops with a killer tomato and Max from Where the Wild Things Are.


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