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Milwaukee's Best Farmers’ Market

West Allis Farmers’ Market

Nov. 15, 2009
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For roughly 90 years, the West Allis Farmers’ Market has provided an outlet for some of the best, and freshest, produce that local farmers have to offer. Generations of families have come to the market, one of the largest in Wisconsin, in search of seasonal goodies. From the radishes, rhubarb and asparagus of the early season, to the corn, raspberries and peas that mark the height of summer, through the freshly picked apples and homemade cider appearing as we slide into fall, the market boasts a wide variety of homegrown Wisconsin flavors that are sure to please any palate.


West Allis Farmers’ Market
1559 S. 65th St.



Runners-up: South Shore Farmers’ Market, East Side Green Market


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