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Milwaukee's Best After-Work Watering Hole and Karaoke Bar

Milwaukee Ale House

Nov. 16, 2009
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The workday can soar to a heightened level of efficiency and enjoyment—some might even say bliss—with a self-created and -imposed system of rewards throughout the day: a cup of coffee when you finish that report, or, in the case of Milwaukee’s work force, a pint at the Milwaukee Ale House when the clock strikes 5 p.m. The warm, wooded interior, an extensive menu, friendly servers and freshly brewed craft beers are a worthy reward for weekday endeavors. The entertainment lineup at the Ale House—think English pub quiz, swing dancing and live music—guarantees a fun-loving crowd most nights of the week. On Thursday nights the Ale House adds a little karaoke to its beer, spiking the odds that someone will think singing “I Will Always Love You” is a good idea.

Milwaukee Ale House
233 N. Water St.



Runners-up (After-Work Watering Hole): Nomad World Pub, Brocach Irish Pub

Runners-up (Karaoke Bar): New Yorker Bar, House of Frank N Stein


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