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I am glad to see that Hillary is not being highly supported

Rich Hessil

Feb. 14, 2008
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I have some positive and some not so positive
feedback from the latest issue.

I am glad to see that Hillary is not being highly
supported. And it was nice to see that McCain wasn't given the
thumbs up either.  I need not talk about either of
them because they do themselves in just by

Not that I have anything against Mr. Obama, I was
pretty disturbed to see, or NOT to see, anything
about Mr. Ron Paul.

As I read through the Liberty section, I was
thinking...  the man who stands up most for the
people's liberty is not mentioned once in this
paper. Ron has fought to preserve the Bill of
Rights and Constitution for so long. Obama was just
starting his experimentations with alchohol and
marijuana.  Research it.  Ron has been talking
about our liberties and economic downfall since the
70's/early 80's. 

Ron Paul would be the best president that we would
of have for a very long time.  His personal
character is perfect.  He has experience.  His plan
is the most sound and solid.  And he speaks the
truth!  Obama might make a decent vice president
under him.

I don't want to hear that Ron doesn't have a
chance. If the media wouldn't blacklist him, he
would be killing the competition just like he does
during the debates.  Ron is actually winning
because he continues to grow regardless of the lack
of media attention. That is because the people love
him and his message.

Your paper mentioned that Obama wasn't receiving
the fair amount of attention as Hillary.  He gets a
lot more of a chance than Ron Paul does.

I don't believe Obama can change much of anything.
He is a great speaker, but he is too much in with
the crowd to convince me otherwise.
Ron offers REAL CHANGE and has never taken money
from special interest corporations.

Two weeks back there was a Ron Paul ad in your
paper.  I contributed greatly to the cost of that.
If Obama is for the people, then why don't I see
ads for him paid for by the people?

Ron gets more donations from members of the
military and average hard working Americans than
any other candidate.  Print that!

Ron's campaign doesn't say "Hope for America" for

Maybe you will take a closer look and see why many
people are joining the new American r3VOLution!

thanks for reading. take care.

Rich Hessil


Would white supremacists, neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan pose the same threat they do now if a mainstream Republican were president instead of Donald Trump?

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