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Mom's Potato Salad

Nov. 6, 2009
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There is nothing quite as satisfying as a good potato salad.  Creamy, salty, crunchy and tender all at once.  My mom makes it with a lot of hard boiled egg, and a little vinegar gives it the zesty flavor that puts it over the top.

You will need:

10 medium russet potatoes, boiled with the skin on until soft, cooled and then peeled

1 small sweet onion, finely diced

3 celery stalks, cut into small square pieces

6 large eggs, hard boiled, then peeled and quartered

A splash of rice vinegar

1 small jar of mayonnaise

A sprinkle of paprika

Cut your potatoes into bite sized pieces.  In a large ceramic bowl, combine all of the ingredients, saving about 6-8 pieces of the hardboiled egg and the paprika.  When all ingredients are thoroughly mixed, top the mixture with the hardboiled egg pieces and sprinkle with the paprika.  A perfect companion to a hamburger, fried chicken or any sandwich.  Enjoy!


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