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Steve Lewandowski

Familiar Melodies (Mobius Trip)

Nov. 25, 2009
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 Steve Lewandowski and his nimble, fluid guitar tones may be familiar to some as their teacher or from the orchestra pit at touring Broadway shows playing Milwaukee. The infrequently recorded axeman has gathered a diverse ensemble for his first jazz session as bandleader in years. Familiar Melodies showcases Lewandowski’s affinity for a broad array of sounds, held together by his agility with a 1963 Gibson Super 400 and giving wide berth to his fellow players, including wife Lynn on flute, piccolo and bass clarinet, clarinetist/bandleader Chuck Hedges, vibraphonist Bob Maynard and brass player Jeff Pietrangelo.

The group confidently employs gypsy swing, samba, cool chamber jazz and even some licks that would complement country picking with the kind of soulfulness that manages to expand the sonic palette without abandoning melody. Lewandowski’s Familiar Melodies offers light but sumptuous fare for the lover of hometown jazz.


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