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Mitt Romney

Presidential Candidate - Republican

Dec. 27, 2007
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Mitt Romney

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Born in Detroit, Michigan, Mitt Romney graduated from Harvard and began a long, profitable career in business, working for management consulting and investment firms. After an unsuccessful 1994 run for the Massachusetts U.S. Senate seat held by Ted Kennedy, Romney became the CEO of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in 1999. Romney credits himself for making the games, which were troubled by financial shortfalls, security concerns and a bribery scandal, a profitable event. He became the governor of Massachusetts in 2003 and reduced the state’s deficit through tax increases and aggressive spending cuts. He also signed a landmark health care reform law that required all residents to buy health insurance or receive state-assisted insurance. A practicing Mormon who was once a bishop in his church, Romney married his high school girlfriend, Ann. His five sons are active in his campaign.

Did You Know: Romney’s father, George W. Romney, ran for president in 1968, but his mother also had political ambitions. Lenore Romney ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate in 1970.


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