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Will innovation come from experience?

Julie Hensley, Big Stone Gap. VA

Feb. 16, 2008
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History proves innovation is swallowed by institution.It’s true of all entities that survive, whether corporate, governmental or religious. For government, it means eventual legislative and bureaucratic lethargy compounded by cynicism and apathy in the face of the status quo.

Will innovation come from experience? Or old age? Perhaps it could, but it hasn’t. Our innovative leaders, in times of crisis, have been young and even brash, relative to their experience.

When did you last hear someone comment on politicians with: “Oh, I’m sick of it. We should just get rid of the lot of them.”This Tuesday, February 19, Wisconsin voters can encourage innovation and jolt the status quo.

Barack Obama's experience is extensive - both as a community organizer and as a state and Federal Legislator. He is the author of "the toughest ethics reform bill in American history", and he led the fight to help end the "culture of corruption" in Washington while others, like his opponent, were "business as usual." In fact, Senator Clinton cannot lay claim to having authored any legislation as noteworthy.

Thirty-four states have spoken and now Wisconsin stands to help the nation make a pivotal decision on Tuesday, February 19.Thank you.

Julie Hensley


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