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The King Khan and BBQ Show @ Mad Planet

Dec. 1, 2009

Dec. 9, 2009
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King Khan was wearing a blue wig and silver swimsuit, while Mark Sultan (aka BBQ) wore a pink turban and purple robe. The look was part goofball, part mystic. A sheet with an ocean scene was spread out behind them. The image echoed the aquatic-themed album art of their most recent album, Invisible Girl, and set the audience up for a garage rock party on the beach.

It’s been quite a tour for the Montreal duo. Khan and the band’s tour manager were arrested in mid-November in Oak Grove, Ky., for alleged possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms. The band was forced to cancel three shows between Kentucky and Los Angeles.

The band packed Mad Planet on a rare Tuesday night show for a crowd excited to hear their mix of garage rock, blues, soul, surf and doo-wop.

The show opened with local band Drugs Dragons spraying sweat and yelling “rock ’n’ roll” over and over for one of their songs. Those Darlins, a band from Tennessee led by three women, caught the crowd’s attention with twangy rock songs like “Snaggle Tooth Mama.”

For their set, The King Khan and BBQ Show played some favorites and songs off the new album, like “Tastebuds,” a perverse song in which Khan sings about his wish that genitalia came equipped with taste buds, with a chugging beat. The crowd pogo danced. Although many of their songs are of a joking nature, tunes like the crooning doo-wop style “Anala” show a well-crafted and even tender side.

For the last song of the set, a half-dozen ladies rushed the stage and started some sock-hop dancing, only to be kicked off by King Khan. Despite some booing over this tyrannical move, the King told the audience he loved Milwaukee, and the band was cheered back onstage.

Those Darlins joined them in playing “Animal Party” for the encore. One of the Darlins wore a chicken mask and they sang along, dancing, making animal noises and pantomiming elephant trunks with their arms.


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