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On the Fringe of Fashion

Dec. 8, 2009
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Fringe is flirty, fun and fabulous – don’t you agree? There’s something hypnotic about clothes that move entirely on their own accord. It’s very wild, very free.  Fringe ranges from being casual day dresses to classic chic fashion. It is a look that classically stays in style. The roaring ‘20s gave us the flapper dress and in the ‘80s it was everywhere. Cher epitomized fringe with many of her Bob Mackie fringed looks. How many of us remember owning a fringed jacket?  Today we see it as classic cowboy, flapper, hippie more so this year, high tech on shoes, dresses, bags and hair. So for all us fashionistas, this fringe trend supplies us with our day dresses or evening dresses, really any style of dresses we wish for. 

“It’s very, very hard to get right. The rule of thumb here is minimalism: when picking a fringed piece to wear, silhouette and shape must be graphic, straight, and entirely minimal,” according to Elle Magazine.

For a modern take on bohemian, pair black fringe accessories with jeans or a flirty dress. Ella Moss dresses are always fun and flirty.  Vintage looking flapper dresses are great for that holiday shindig— check your favorite boutiques for fringy-flapper cocktail dresses! We love this fashion forward with a nod to our sisters from the 1920s, one of the season’s hottest fashion trends, with a classic silhouette that is sure to flatter.

How to wear it? It depends largely upon the style of the piece. A pair of long, toned legs work wonders for a short, fringed skirt; those lacking need to be a tad more cautious. The appeal of fringing also owes a lot to the way it moves, so pay careful attention to buying quality fabrics that shimmy and shine and don't clump unattractively.

Whether it is the fringed boots that Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss adhere to or the fringed handbags Victoria Beckham adores, one can quite grasp that fringes are a hot shot in fashion world.

Designer Roberto Cavalli has used a lot of fringes in his new collection as shown in the feature photo. The best thing is that it can be toned with suede, leather and practically everything. Have a look at the cute shoes with fringes or the evening bags sizzling the aura with the jazzy fringed up ends and you would know why they are so talked about. 


Heidi Calaway is owner and head stylist for Boutique Vieux et Nouveau. www.boutiquemilwaukee.com


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