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Fred Thompson

Presidential Candidate - Republican

Dec. 27, 2007
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Fred Thompson

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Fred Thompson is no stranger to the spotlight. Born in Alabama, Thompson began his professional career as an assistant U.S. attorney, and by 1973 was earning TV time for his role as the minority counsel in the Watergate scandal hearings. Thompson has been a lobbyist off and on since 1975, but is better known for acting career. He’s depicted presidents and governmental figures in over a dozen movies, and for five years played the District Attorney Arthur Branch on NBC’s “Law and Order.” From 1994 until 2003 he represented Tennessee on the U.S. Senate. His campaign contends that with his folksy, southern communication style, Thompson is the candidate best equipped to sell traditional conservative values to the American people. In simple terms, he outlines a pro-life, pro-gun rights agenda and argues for a smaller federal government. Thompson is married to his second wife, Jeri Kehn Thompson, a political consultant. They have two children together, and he has two surviving children from his previous marriage.

Did You Know: In addition to portraying fictional presidents in his acting career, Thompson has twice assumed the role of historical ones. He’s depicted Ulysses S. Grant and voiced Andrew Jackson.


Would white supremacists, neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan pose the same threat they do now if a mainstream Republican were president instead of Donald Trump?

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