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New Years Resolution – Cleaning out your closet

Jan. 22, 2010
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One commitment that comes with ringing in a new year is the resolution. Often associated with dropping the pounds or eating better, I propose a glamorous goal: why not consider setting a fashion-oriented new year’s resolution by cleaning out the bad fashion in your closet? Besides, feeling better in your clothing helps your self-esteem and being healthy will follow naturally.

Oh, and for all of you who keep saying, “I will wait until I lose weight”….please…. we are tired of seeing awful clothing on you. In the meantime, transitional pieces are necessary! And, there are tons of styles that may cost $12-$15 to alter when you loose the weight. Well worth the cost for a quality piece. Stop hiding behind big clothing and avoiding the inevitable. Step up your style!

This time of year is perfect on a rotten winters day or night to purge the unwanted, ill fitted and outdated pieces from your closet. Get a glass of wine or a hot chocolate and toss out these ugly things and celebrate our fresh new outlook for 2010! Your goal should be to keep the pieces that fit your body, lifestyle and job and add new pieces that make sense and coordinate to create different looks.

Consult a stylist to help you pick out the best pieces as well as fit your body and show off your best features. A good example of a woman needing change is the women who is not happy with her body so she covers nice assets by covering them. Let a professional help you pick a proper dress and wardrobe to emphasize your strengths.  Stacy and Clinton from TLC’s “What Not to Wear have been showing us for over six years.

Closet Ambush services are available by me. I advise what pieces to keep and which ones to donate. The next step is a fashion consultation where we take some of your existing pieces of fashion and coordinate them with new pieces. I will maximize your wardrobe, as well as advise you on how to fit your body well with proper clothing for your job and stepping up your comfort level to become more stylish. Go to www.boutiquemilwaukee.com/services.html for information.


 • Be open-minded and able to accept constructive criticism. The goal of a stylist is to honestly help.  A true stylist wants a women to feel good, teach them how to dress and take them out of a boring zone and have fun with fashion.

Oh, it’s too cold outside to wear a dress you say?  I agree. Who wants to be cold? Enjoy winter accessories like tights by Spanx or leggings by Sassybax with boots and spice up your look and keep you warm and fashionable.

 • Find a charity to donate your nicer pieces that may not fit or are professional. Many abused women escape their homes with barely anything except the clothing on their back. They really need your better pieces of clothing for interviews to place them back in the work force. Shelters refer women to Bottomless Closet. They take in clothing donations and even have a list on their website of what they currently need. (www.bottomlessclosetmilwaukee.org) Donate the less nice or non- professional items to a charity.  Goodwill and churches are great for this.

Heidi Calaway is owner and head stylist for Boutique Vieux et Nouveau



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