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Future Green’s Creative Café Tarragon

Short Orders

Feb. 3, 2010
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There is an interesting, eco-friendly shop in Bay View named Future Green (2352 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.). Though it’s not large, it has a wide choice of organic clothing, hand-woven fabrics and organic cleaning supplies. There is even a biodegradable paint stripper. Wander to the back of the shop and you will discover Café Tarragon. With just three ornamental cast-iron tables, this might be the smallest café in Milwaukee. A menu is in the works for this very new dining spot, operated by Lisa Sim and Cassandra Comerford. For now the items of the day are listed on a chalkboard, along with some food on display in a glass case. In keeping with the shop’s ideals, organic produce is stressed and everything is vegan or vegetarian. Expect to see salads made with fresh ingredients. A spinach salad has a hot dressing that substitutes crumbled tofu for bacon—an updated and healthy Milwaukee classic. This is an engaging little place with creative chefs.


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