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Benji’s Deli Remains a Milwaukee Gem

Short Orders

Feb. 10, 2010
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When thinking about what to order at Benji’s Deli (4156 N. Oakland Ave. and 8683 N. Port Washington Road), corned beef and pastrami instantly come to mind. Then again, so do soups like the homemade chicken broth and tart cabbage borscht. For the hungry appetite, there is nothing like the simply described chicken in the pot, a large bowl that holds a full half-chicken, two matzoh balls, noodles, slices of carrot and plenty of chicken broth. The chicken is big and meaty, and the bones are still in. It’s a lot of food for less than $10. Also consider the French dip, which is made with very tender beef brisket and served with a small bowl of gravy with homemade character—wintertime comfort food. Benji’s has been in business for decades for a reason: quality.


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